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Tips to Take Proper Care of Mobile Phone Batteries

Mobile phone batteries, one of the important mobile phone accessories, are the most vital parts in any mobile phones. Without proper functioning of the mobile, the mobile would not function. So it is very necessary to know, understand as well as follow the precautions that are needed to keep the mobile batteries durable. Good mobile batteries would also enhance the life of the mobile to a great extent. Try to buy new mobile batteries.

There are many sellers in the market who are selling duplicate batteries to people. Follow these steps
to enhance the durability of the mobile and ensure that you get a real battery for your phones. o It is very necessary to turn the phone off when not in proper use. This is the most effective way to conserve the power of the battery.

If the signal in your phone makes a problem, it is better to switch off the phone than to wait for the reception of the signals. o In a weak area, your phone will constantly search signals and look for better connection. This process consumes a lot of power from the battery.

In such a case, you should switch off your phone. If however, you feel the necessity to switch it in, you can buy a cell phone repeater to amplify the signal for you.

 o Try to switch off the vibrate function in the phone and instead switch on only the ring tones, that also in a low volume. This will greatly save the power of the phone batteries.
 o The back light of the phone makes the phone easier to read in bright light. This light also uses a lot of power. If you can turn off the backlight of the phone, the mobile batteries will live longer life. Even if you feel the need to use it, set an amount of time for the backlight to remain on. After that time, the light will go off automatically.
 o Though technology has gifted many things in one single set of mobile, but it is always advisable to avoid some unnecessary features like the camera or a connection to the internet. Camera can drain away the battery power very quickly.
 o Limit your talk time if you really want to save your phone batteries. Until and unless the talk time is reduced, you will not be able to save power consumed by the mobile batteries.
 o Bluetooth also consumes great power. Turn it off if not required. If you find that the usable time of the mobile phone batteries after recharging has shortened, battery becomes unusually warm during charge and during phone or the battery is swollen you can get indication of battery failures. Prevent battery failures.

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2015 SEO Tutorial - 5 Effective SEO Techniques

SEO Tutorial 1 - Keywords

Keywords are best described as words that people type into search engines to find the result they want i.e. 'How to build a blog'. If you are writing say a blog post it is important to enter keywords multiple times within your text. Why? Because the more keywords that are used, the more relevant your website will appear to Google for its searchers. Notice when you type something into Google all the results have your searched words in bold... Keywords. To select your keywords all you basically have to do is create a mind map, write down words that are applicable to your site and relating topics (keep out irrelevant ones like 'and' 'on').

Please note not to overly plaster your text with keywords. If your keywords are occurring too many times Google may see this as spam and actually harm your visibility.

SEO tutorial 2 - Content Creation

If you are running a website and not a blog, it will be useful to add a blog after all. As you write posts about your niche the number of keywords you use on your site increases which can rank you higher on the search engines. More keywords means that your site can be more relevant in the eyes of Google. Not only that, each blog post has its own unique URL so your site will have a larger amount of links that can appear on the search engine.

As well as relevance Google wants to provide its searchers with the best, most up to date content. So if you are regularly updating your website with information i.e. blog posts, you can score some additional SEO points.

SEO tutorial 3 - Back links

A back link is basically a link to your website that appears on another website. This links back to your website hence 'back link'. Back links are important for SEO because if Google can see that you are linking to multiple sites (which it does) it will believe your site as a relevant and higher authority, ranking you higher. You can add back links on posts you provide on other blogs, forums etc.

Beware! Only provide back links to sites that are already popular and rank high on the search engines. If you link to 'crap' sites Google will think yours is crap to.

SEO tutorial 4 - Social media

It is said that implementing social media onto your website helps boost rankings. Visitors can 'like' your website creating more links which will go towards your link building.

If your website has a lot of Followers Google can see you as a high authority website which can also boost your ranking. Ignore buying hundreds of thousands of followers as if there is no consistency in the followers you get, the chances are Google may pick up on this and actually harm your ranking.

SEO tutorial 5 - mobile optimization

This is something new to the SEO tutorials due to the increased use with smart phones. Make sure your website is optimized on mobiles. If your website is properly usable and viable on multiple devices Google can boost the rank of your site compared to others as you can provide a platform others can't.

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